Six Steps For Implementing

The 6 Steps below are outlined in the Implementor’s Guide 3-ring notebook in the Church Starter Pack.

Step 1: Present the Ministry to Your Church Staff and Lay Leadership
After making the decision to implement “Operation Multiplication,” we recommend that you present the equipping process to your church staff and lay leadership by printing and distributing the pages under the “What is OM?” tab. As your assembled leaders take turns reading the paragraphs aloud, you can periodically stop to provide amplification and illustrations from your local church and personal experience.

We feel it is important to emphasize that “Operation Multiplication” is not designed to be a church event - but an equipping process. It establishes a spiritual parent for every new believer and new member who unites with the church. Through these Christ centered friendships, new members learn how to develop spiritual growth skills and spend daily quality time with God - for the rest of their lives, pray effectively - for the rest of their lives, memorize Scripture - for the rest of their lives, study the Bible - for the rest of their lives, share their faith naturally - for the rest of their lives, and minister to others - for the rest of their lives!

Step 2: Pray for One or More Coordinators
Prayerfully ask yourself, “In our congregation, who has a heart for evangelism, genuinely cares about people, is respected, and will commit the time to oversee this new ministry?” Your selected potential Coordinator(s) should be requested to read the information under the “What is OM?” tab to be sure he or she is personally committed to the church’s ministry vision for fulfilling the Great Commission. The two main roles of the Coordinator are to assign each new believer and member to a trained discipler, and track the progress of each discipling team using the
Discipler Tracking System Tab on this website. Larger churches will need several Coordinators for different age groups. It is best to have a male Coordinator oversee the male teams and a female Coordinator oversee the female teams. Huband and wife Coordinators work well.

Step 3: Identify Potential Disciplers and Personally Invite Them to a Luncheon
The Discipler enlistment phase of “Operation Multiplication” is critical to its success. Over the years, churches have used many traditional methods such as: bulletin inserts, sign up sheets, announcements from the pulpit, etc. –
however, we have found that personal enlistment which utilizes a good meal enjoys the greatest success. For example, one church in California with 200 in attendance initially tried to enlist potential disciplers using a bulletin insert, announcements and sign up sheets but they had only 4 volunteers for their training. Then they hosted a vision-casting luncheon using the following personal invitation plan and immediately enlisted 65 “Operation Multiplication” disciplers!

Personal Enlistment Plan
First, the church mailed (or e-mailed) an individual letter of invitation (sample letter on page 17 of the Implementor’s Notebook): then they followed the letter with a phone call enlisting their participation in a Sunday luncheon after services. The invitation was sent to every deacon and spouse, plus each Bible study teacher and their spouse.

Creating An Invitation List
When the Bible study teachers were contacted by telephone, they were also asked to identify the most spiritually mature members of their class or group. The teachers recommended those whom they felt would be good role models for new church members. Then, the pastor’s letter of invitation was also sent to that list. Following this, those recommended were personally
called and enlisted to attend the Sunday luncheon. The telephone call sounded something like this:

“Hi Terri, this is Laura. Did you receive the pastor’s letter of invitation to the ‘Operation Multiplication’ luncheon? I’m excited about the mission of this new ministry. Our church is preparing to equip a team of spiritual parents who will personally care for each of our new members. As you know, when new members join our fellowship, they need far more than a handshake. They need – a friend who will make them feel welcome, answer their questions, show them how to develop spiritual growth skills, and train them how to win and disciple others.”

“All too often, we’ve welcomed our new members basically hoping they would find a dedicated Christian friend, develop spiritual growth skills and attend a Bible study class. However, due to our lack of follow up, many of those new members have quietly left through the ‘back door.’ Instead of hoping they will stay and grow, the pastor has decided to establish an intentional process. ‘Operation Multiplication’ will help ensure that every new believer and new member receives the personal friendship, care, and attention they need.”

“Terri, if we disciple our new believers and show them how to share their faith, spiritual multiplication will take place naturally! That’s why the church’s new ministry is called ‘Operation Multiplication.’ On Sunday, (date) Pastor ________ would like to invite you to a vision-casting luncheon after the worship service in room # ____. He will explain our church’s spiritual need and present the exciting new ‘Operation Multiplication’ training process and its materials. Do you think you and your husband will be able to attend?”

NOTE #1: As an additional enlistment activity designed to avoid the possibility of accidently overlooking a qualified lay leader, some pastors make announcements from the pulpit inviting interested members to contact a specific individual if they would like to participate in the eight sessions of training required to become a discipler.

Step 4: Order Materials
The church should plan ahead to order an A Call to Joy/A Call to Growth Discipler’s Pack for each lay leader who commits to attend the luncheon. Typically, each luncheon participant pays for his or her own set of materials ($30). However, some churches choose to provide for all or a portion of this cost. Because “Operation Multiplication’s” ministry is non-profit, the training materials are made available to participating churches at 50% less than normal retail prices. Prepare now to order your packets 10 days or more in advance of your luncheon. None of the disciple-making materials purchased will ever be unused because the ongoing member assimilation ministry will always need them. The church should also order several A Call to Joy and A Call to Growth Timothy Packs for new believers and new members. These small inexpensive packets are typically given to new church members by the trained disciplers at their first meeting.

Step 5: Challenging Luncheon Participants to Become Equipped Disciplers
During the vision-casting luncheon, the need for new member assimilation and disciple-making is presented by distributing a copy of “What is OM?” to each attendee. When practical, depending on the number of luncheon participants, we recommend that individual paragraphs be read aloud by the participants with amplification from the pastor. When this is not practical, the strategy can simply be read by the luncheon host with each attendee silently following along using their copy. We recommend that you pre-select two spiritually mature men or women to role-play 15 minutes of the
A Call to Joy Discipler’s Guide Session One (starting on page 1) during the luncheon as your members follow along in their A Call to Joy Discipler's Guides. This activity is designed to show your members how to use their materials.

At the close of the luncheon, each attendee is invited to become an equipped Discipler, complete the Discipler Information Card located in their packet, and return the cards to the pastor. When this spiritual challenge is presented and accepted, each lay leader is then paired with a fellow luncheon participant (men with men and women with women). Some of your Disciplers may wish to pair up with a spiritually mature friend not attending the luncheon. If this is the case, they can order an A Call to Joy/A Call to Growth Discipler's Pack at During the week following the luncheon, each team of (2) begins the eight one-to-one inspirational training sessions. These individual teams of two meet at a time and place of their choice for eight or more weeks and complete the 8 Session Discipler Equipping Guide. The guide serves as a “road map” showing disciplers in training how to lead new church members through the 7 sessions of A Call to Joy and 11 sessions of A Call to Growth.

Step 6: Pairing The New Believer or New Member with a Discipler
When a new believer or new member enters your church, he or she customarily fills out a Decision Form which is then given to the Coordinator. (A sample form is located in the front flap of the Implementor’s Guide). They are then asked if they would like to participate in a one-to-one friendship process with one of your church members entitled A Call to Joy.

Example: (Name), we are so happy about your decision. We have a Christian friendship process at our church entitled A Call to Joy. If you like, we can pair you with a friend who will:
• Help you get acquainted with other members at the church
• Answer any questions you might have
• Pray with you, and
• Help you develop spiritual growth skills

If the answer is “Yes,” part of the form is given to the Coordinator and he or she contacts a Dicipler and pairs them together using the Discipler Tracking System Tab. Often, these assignments are made based upon the new member’s age, special needs, spiritual history, the neighborhood where they live, or the Bible Study class they attend.

The Discipler contacts the new member and they schedule when and where they will meet together weekly. These fellowship and training sessions usually include coffee, desert, or a meal at a local restaurant, home, or another mutually convenient location. The Discipler and Timothy meet once per week for 7 weeks (about 1 1/2 hours per session) to learn spiritual growth skills and develop a friendship.

The Discipler will receive an e-mail each Monday prompting him or her to go to the Discipler Tracking Tab on the web and enter the session they have completed. This will enable the Coordinator to track the progress of each discipling team.

The church’s assignment process needs to be consistent and have the prayerful oversight of a highly dedicated church or staff member. For assistance with any of these seven steps, simply ask your Coordinator to call (800) 779-7570. May the Lord give your church faithful men and women to serve as His Disciplers!

Saturday Workshops
Certified “Operation Multiplication” workshop leaders are also available to come to your church and conduct a one day Saturday multi-media, hands on, practical
Discipler Training Workshop (usually 9:00am - 4:00pm). The cost is an average love offering of $200 plus travel and hospitality. If you are interested in bringing a Certified “Operation Multiplication” Workshop Leader to your church, simply call Charlie Robinson at (254) 541-7730.

The first step to implement “Operation Multiplication” at your church
is to click on Store and order a Church Starter Pack.

The Church Starter Pack includes:

A Call to Joy Discipler’s Guide used by the Discipler to take a new believer or member through 7 one-to-one spiritual growth sessions.

A Call to Joy Timothy’s Guide used by the new believer or member as they complete the 7 spiritual growth sessions with their Discipler.

A Call to Growth Discipler’s Guide After completing 7 sessions in A Call to Joy, the Discipler uses this book to take a new believer or member through an additional 11 one-to-one spiritual growth sessions.

A Call to Growth Timothy’s Guide used by the new believer or member as they complete the 11 spiritual growth sessions with their Discipler.

8 Session Discipler Equipping Guide Two more mature Christians (men with men and women with women) meet together one-to-one for 8 weeks to learn spiritual growth skills and become familiar with A Call to Joy and A Call to Growth. At the end of 8 weeks, they become certified equipped Disciplers ready to personally care for and befriend each new believer and member that enters your church.

Implementor’s Guide This 3-ring notebook explains the 7 simple steps required to implement “Operation Multiplication” at your church.

The Spiritual Journal With over 1 million copies sold, this effective tool shows Christians how to experience a consistent daily quiet time, take effective sermon notes, develop a prayer journal, and memorize Scripture.

Workshop On CD(4 CDs) These 4 powerful CDs, presented by Billie Hanks, Jr. include The Vision for Making Disciples, The Power of Evangelistic Multiplication, Equipping Disciplers, and Training New Members. (CDs may be copied to give to your disciples.)

Steps To Peace With God 4 Evangelistic Booklets presenting the gospel using Scripture and the Bridge Illustration graphics. The booklet is published by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

Topics covered in A Call to Joy include:
• Receiving assurance of salvation
• The importance of becoming involved in a local church
• The importance of becoming involved in a small group Bible study
• How to have a meaningful daily quiet time
• How to take sermon notes to increase retention and grow spiritually
• How to find insights from the Word of God and apply them to daily life
• How to memorize Scripture
• How to meditate on the Word of God
• An overview of the five aspects of prayer: Adoration, Confession,
Thanksgiving, Intercession, and Petition
• The importance of Christian character
• Dependence upon the Holy Spirit for strength to live the Christian life
• The ministry of the Holy Spirit
• Time management
• Ministering to others
• Making wise decisions
• Avoiding “dry spells”
• Growth comes slowly
• Guarding your thoughts
• Putting others first
• How to give an evangelistic booklet to a non-Christian
• How to share the Gospel with family members
• The purpose of disciple-making
• Dealing with doubts
• Dealing with legitimate and non-legitimate guilt
• Having “ears to hear” with a predetermined will to obey God
• If salvation is a gift from God, what is my responsibility?
• What happens if I sin?
• How can I start serving God in small ways?
• How do I deal with temptation?
• What pitfalls should I look out for?
• Becoming light in the darkness
• Becoming a thankful Christian
• The depths of God’s love for us
• The difference between our relationship and fellowship with God
• There are no “secret disciples”
• Maturing in Christ is a long-term process
• The importance of getting enough rest
• The importance of nourishment from the Word of God
• Reverence for the Word of God
• Discipline for the purpose of godliness

Topics covered in A Call to Growth include:
• God’s passion for the lost
• Our privilege to share the gospel
• Evangelism flows out of a godly life
• Waiting upon direction from the Holy Spirit when witnessing
• Sharing an evangelistic “Word of Truth”
• How to develop and share your personal testimony
• Presenting the “Bridge Illustration” from memory using the Scriptures
• “Initiative” evangelism and “relational” evangelism
• Carrying out an evangelistic spiritual application project
• Dealing with temptation
• Humility is a choice
• Planning ahead for victory
• Responsible Speech
• Loving Patience
• Whole-Hearted Commitment
• Putting and Keeping Christ first
• An in-depth study of the five aspects of prayer: Adoration, Confession,
Thanksgiving, Intercession, and Petition
• Promises for those who pray
• Conditions for answered prayer
• Persistency in prayer
• Praying for the lost
• Praying for the sick
• Confession and Repentance
• Jesus the Intercessor
• Prerequisites for effective prayer
• When healing is God’s will
• When healing is not God’s will
• The Father’s Love
• The Father’s Protection
• The Father’s Provision
• The Father’s Training
• The Holy Spirit’s role:
Before conversion
At conversion
Throughout your life
Perfecting us
Empowering us
• The importance of God’s Word
• The authority of the Scriptures
• How God’s Word came to us
• The reliability of the Scriptures
• Functions of the local church
• Giving with a worshipful, joyful heart

The first step to implement “Operation Multiplication” at your church
is to click on Store and order a Church Starter Pack.

“Other seed fell on good soil. It came up, grew and produced a crop,
multiplying thirty, sixty, or even a hundred times.”
(Mark 4:8)